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Mirror Series

The Haier Microwave Mirror Series is one of the best inventions produced by the company so far - it is proof of the brand’s originality and utter advancement when it comes to up-to-date and innovative home appliances. Haier leaves no stone unturned in providing an array of microwave ovens falling in different price ranges, to cater to all budgets. Taking care of all your food-warming needs while also adding to the beauty of your home, this appliance is a must-have if you want convenience in your kitchen. And now you can get it from the comfort of your home. Place an order online with Order Kerlo, a reliable online home appliance store in Pakistan, and have it delivered.

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Haier Microwave with 23 Liters capacity and all new design together with latest technology for food to be heated consistently as per your needs. *1 year Official warranty.

Haier Microwave HGN-2590EGM gives you 25 Liters of capacity, along with an appealing and attractive design. *1 year Official warranty.


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