Haier Automatic HWM80-P201

  • Brand Warranty
  • Anti Bacterial Wash Foam Detect Function
  • Auto Power Off.
  • Fully Automatic




The Haier Automatic HWM80-P201 has all the qualities of an innovative and highly efficient washing machine. It features an AMT gasket which prevents mildew and ensures an anti-bacterial wash, allowing the clothes to stay germ-free. With the powerful rotation of the super basin, the speed of water rises instantly to clean the clothes quickly, meaning you no longer have to worry about abrasion. It also features auto power-off technology, because of which the machine automatically turns itself off after completing its water cycle, helping you save electricity and avoid adding to the already sky-high electricity bill. Get it now from Order Kerlo.

Anti Bacterial Wash

In any normal washer, mildew establishes on gasket after sometime. With Haier’s AMT gasket, your clothes remain Germ Free as there is no mildew.

Super Basin

The strong rotation of the in-depth basin solid pulsator can make the water flow rise speedily to hold clothes. This can void the direct abrasion between clothes and pulsator so that the abrasion can be reduced.

Auto Power Off

Machine cut off the power after finishing the wash cycle which helps to save electricity and conserve resources.

5 Years Warranty

Haier provide 5 year warranty for Motor which eliminates your worries even for a longer period for machine problems.


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