Haier Refrigerator HRF-380BJE

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The oh-so-stylish Haier Refrigerator HRF-380BJE features turbo cooling which ensures even cooling within all the different compartments of the refrigerator and maintains the freshness of your food items. Its 5-way cooling system has a 5-side evaporator design that makes sure you receive superb and fast cooling, instantly. It also features LED lights which are brighter and last for a long period without consuming too much electricity and saves you from paying insanely high bills at the end of the month. Its thick and high-density foaming can keep the ice in the freezer compartment intact for more than 12 hours. Get your hands on this refrigerator and bring ease into your life today with Order Kerlo.

Turbo Cooling

Provide even cooling inside refrigerator portion and keep things cool in 1.5 times quicker than others.

5 way cooling

Fast cooling system with 5-side evaporator design to ensure faster cooling and stable performance

-25℃ Deep Cooling

with the five way Evaporator Design and high density foaming ,freezer compartment temperature can be easily pull down to -25℃

LED Light

LED lighting uses less energy than conventional lighting, is brighter and lasts longer

Long cooling retention

Due to high thick and high density foaming, Long cooling retention can keep the ice in freezer compartment more than 12 hours.

Bigger size Crisper

Spacious vegetable and fruit crisper with 2 times big space compared with competitors

General information cft 16
cooling system: Direct Cooling
refrigerant: R134a
total net capacity(l): 382
net refrigerator capacity(l): 252
net freezer capacity(l): 130
Door hinge: Right
Main color of product: Gold
Technical specs
climate class: T
Voltage (V): 16-V – 250V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60
temperature of refrigerator: 4℃
temperature of freezer: ≤-24℃
fast cooling: Yes
Noise level(dB): <42dB
Door assembly
type of handle: Hidden
door lock: Yes
Fruit & vegetables crisper
No.of crispers in fridge: 1
color of crispers in fridge: Transparent
Shelf assembly
No.of shelves in fridge: 4
type of shelves in fridge: Wire
No.of shelves in freezer: 2
Shelves for Bottles: Yes
Racks assembly
No. of racks in fridge door: 4
No.of racks in freezer door: 2
No. of egg racks: 2
light: Yes
Icemaker assembly
No. of ice cube trays: 2
Innovative features
Vc fresh: No
ion deodorization: Yes
vital fresh: No
intelligent function: No


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