Orient Refrigerator

Orient Refrigerator ORF-114F (cft 3.5)

Changeable & Easy-cleaning Gasket
Solid Freeze
Heavy Storage
Better Insulation
Roll Bond

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Featuring top-notch components and a truly beautiful design, the Orient Refrigerator ORF-114F (cft 3.5) is the home appliance that all of us need in our lives to make it easier and more convenient. Featuring a changeable gasket that is easy to clean and maintain, ample capacity for the storage of a large number of items, a modern roll bond evaporator that produces ice effectively, even when the weather is extremely hot, and highly effective insulation that prevents cooling from escaping, this refrigerator isn’t an average home appliance. On top of all that, it is offered at an affordable price. Get yourself one today by ordering it online from Order Kerlo and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Volume: 61 Ltr. Refrigerator Compartment
Volume: 27 Ltr Freezer Compartment

Defrost: Manual
Power Input: 90 W


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